“Joseph began therapy with a very weak set of knees and wheelchair bound. He now is walking with a walker, standing and moving out of his chair with very little effort. We put the wheelchair away in the closet and have him walk with his walker for everything. He is mentally more engaged and interested in making progress. He is 93 years old…We have had other therapists, but they never got through the patient and it was all a waste of time. But, from the first visit Lesly took command and got the patient’s confidence and respect for what she was trying to accomplish.  Progress was made every visit. It was sad to have to lose her.”
Margaret (Joseph’s wife)- Hamburg, NJ

“I’ve come a long way from shuffling my feet, not being able to get up form the sofa, get into and out of the car, and take a shower without help. I am much more independent than when I started physical therapy. Lesly is very caring and dedicated therapist. She is knowledgeable of therapeutic techniques and is very patient.”
Latrelle, Hamburg, NJ

“My main concern was my balance. I was afraid I was going to fall again. I could feel the difference after a few sessions. I have my confidence back…It was great. I’ve had therapy before home and outpatient. Lesly was the best. She’s a hands on person. She didn’t go on the phone or computer. She didn’t miss a thing.”
Betty- Sparta, NJ

“Enabled me to walk without the rollator. Professional!”
Michael- Stanhope, NJ

“Has helped me a lot in using my legs and arms. Has given me confidence in walking and sitting properly. Thank you for giving him confidence in walking and exercise. You were great.”
Jerry-Branchville, NJ

“It helped me feel more secure with my balance and my walking. Lesly was wonderful, very helpful, and it was a very educational experience.”
Annie-Franklin, NJ

“Strengthened my legs, which has enabled me to stand up, walk and with my balance. I’m able to focus better at achieving my goals…I felt she was very compassionate and understanding, knowledgeable about senior therapy needs. Always prompt and courteous with scheduled appointments.”
Max- Stanhope, NJ

“It has made me stronger and given me more stamina. Also, it has helped with my balance. Lesly was an outstanding therapist not only for her knowledge and skill, but she was very personable and easy to work with. A most pleasant experience.”
Mary-Wantage, NJ

“Kinesiotape placement, a great help! Mobility greatly increased. Confidence greatly increased as I have become stronger. I am now able to take showers. Ability to transfer has greatly increased. Strength has improved. I have appreciated the caring attitude and patience with which Lesly treats patients. She demonstrates effectively how caregivers can work as a team to carry out exercises and care. Lesly was very professional and extremely efficient.”
Jim- Sparta, NJ

“Much improved walking ability, strengthened leg and hip muscles, stretched/improved wasting tendons. Balance exercises were very helpful and I continue them. Answered many questions I had. Was an excellent coach. Knows her stuff. Very outgoing, friendly and I loved her.”
William-Stillwater, NJ