Conditions We Can Help


Older Adults With Common Conditions We Can Help With

Our physical therapist can help with the following Common Conditions in the comfort of their home.

√ Osteoarthritis/ Rheumatoid Arthritis

√ Osteoporosis and poor posture

√ Musculoskeletal pain

√ Unsteady and shuffled gait

√ Neuropathy

√ Post- surgical cases (hip/knee replacements)

√ Dementia

√ Neurological conditions

• Stroke

• Parkinson’s disease

• Multiple Sclerosis

√ Decreased coordination

√ Difficulty getting in and out of bed/chair

√ Decline in fitness and strength

√ Soft Tissue and Joint Injuries

√ Loss of range of motion in joints/Contractures

√ Loss of balance and history of falls

√ Fall prevention/ Home Safety

√ In-home Safety Evaluation or Equipment Modification

√ Caregiver training for safe patient handling

√ Implementation of an exercise program