Caring Home Therapy Services is an agency approved by Medicare to provide physical therapy services to seniors in the comfort of their home.  Our primary goal is to help seniors achieve their optimal level of function by providing quality and compassionate care.

We strive to assist patients obtain their independence incorporating family members and/or caregivers in the rehabilitation process to maximize successful outcomes.  Our areas of specialty include balance problems, gait disturbances and senior safety.

There are great advantages to seeing patients in their home including being able to make environmental modifications to maximize functional mobility and prevent falls. We spend an average of 60 minutes one on one time with each patient visit. 

Patients does NOT need to be homebound like a home health agency because we are not one. We are therapists in private practice just like an outpatient clinic and we bill through Medicare Part B.

Criteria for IN-HOME THERAPY

  • Patient is on Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • Patient would rather have a therapist come to the home than go to the clinic.
  • Patient does NOT need to be homebound like a home health agency.

Our physical therapist service Sussex County.

For more information: 862-812-6433 • lesly@chtherapyservices.com

Quality Physical Therapy For Seniors In The Comfort Of Your Home


Patients are Seen by Licensed Therapists
No assistants or aides.This ensures the highest quality care.

medicare-approved All of our Therapists are Certified Medicare Providers
We are the best choice for any patient on Medicare because our therapy is specifically geared towards older adults.